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Raffle winners:
3rd Prize:  Family day with horses, Miles Garcia, Van Buren
2nd Prize: Three Equine Sessions, Jeremie Rockler and family, Limestone
1st Prize:  Hand-crafted pine Horse Bench, Walfy Roy, Monticello

We’d like to thank everyone for their help and support throughout the Aisha Project, including Samantha Meile (GoFundMe) and Dave Pelletier (bench master) of Madawaska, Lexi Bartlett (Kissyourpet challenge) Houlton, Adam Hutchinson (Aisha’s transportation) Linneus, and many others who have helped us spread the word and/or sell tickets. We are hoping Aisha will have a long and happy career as a working draft horse, as Dr Brown has recommended. Since Aisha did NOT need surgery, there is some overage in the Aisha fund which Manes and Tails has targeted for veterinary needs of therapy horses.

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