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Mud Pony Club worked together on a special bottle drive to help with the Aisha Project on Wednesday, April  22, 2015.  This was specifically for Aisha’s travel expenses. Aisha will travel to Monmouth’s Annabessacook Vet Clinic on Monday, April 27, 2015 for an ultrasound and further tests to determine if she does have a non-cancerous ovarian tumor, and subsequent surgery to remove it. A tumor is suspected due to some odd behaviors with tests that showed her hormones are out of balance. Money raised to cover the trip along with clinic costs are short of the goal needed, but the clinic has agreed to work with Manes and Tails on a tight budget. Many people, youth and adult, have fund raised for this cause and are still donating time to the project.  We want to thank everyone who has helped!

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