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Manes and Tails January organizational meeting was held at Aroostook Horse and Pony Associates (AHPA) in Monticello. The meeting was attended by 16 current and new members plus two guests, where the election of officers was approved as follows:

  • President; Shelley Taylor
  • Vice President;  Jessica York
  • Treasurer;  Trish Harvey
  • Secretary; Ginger Pryor
  • Publicity; Autumn Beaulieu and Deserae Foster
Our thanks to resigning President Nancy Dumond Violette and Treasurer Don Violette for their work and dedication to the organization.  Since our birth over 13 years ago, Nancy and the team have been looking for more business savvy officers and members; and hoping this is the beginning of a makeover for Mane and Tails’ growth in serving  the communities of Aroostook County.
A follow up meeting is planned for Saturday January 30, 2016 at 1pm at AHPA  to specify duties, review bylaws, and set goals for 2016.
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One Response so far.

  1. Shelley Taylor says:

    Excited about about going forward with Manes and Tails this year. My thanks to those who turned out to the January meetings and for everyone’s past and present support. Next meeting scheduled for February 28th at 6 pm in Monticello. 676 North Rd.