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We love having good news to share with everyone! Thankfully Aisha has an appointment with Dr. Charlie Brown at Annabessacook Vet Clinic in Monmouth on Monday April 27th, at 1pm. We are grateful for Adam Hutchinson who will be driving Aisha down for us from Houlton for the rest of her trip. She will receive an ultrasound along with other tests, and if there really is a tumor on her ovary, she will stay there for a few days where the ovary will be removed before we bring her back to Van Buren hopefully by the end of the week. We want to give special thanks to Annabessacook Vet Clinic for working with us on a tight budget, and to Adam Hutchinson for donating his time, hauling experience, and equipment to bring her the biggest part of the way there. Adam is a trusted Natural Balance farrier, horse trainer, and hauler throughout Maine and New England, especially Aroostook County.

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