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Please check this page from time to time as we update our auction fundraisers with items we feel you’ll love to have.

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Guidelines for Buyers:

In order to bid on any of the items being offered above, you will be askedĀ to create an account. After you have registered, please check your email inbox as well as spam folder for your password. Once armed with this information, you will be able to log in and place a bid. Do NOT use false contact informationĀ as buyers and sellers need to be able to get in touch with each other, and we need to be able to contact our members.

You must pay for any item you commit to buying. Bidding is fun, but keep in mind that each bid you make is a binding contract to buy the item if you win. Not paying for an item after you agree to buy it has negative consequences, explained in our unpaid item policy.

You can only bid if you really intend to buy the item. The bottom line is, don’t place a bid unless you mean to buy the item. You can’t bid on your own item. We call this shill bidding and it not only violates our policies, it’s against the law in many places. You can only retract a bid under specific circumstances. For example, if you meant to bid $10.00 but accidentally bid $1,000.00, you can retract the bid. Even then, you need to bid the amount you originally intended immediately.

Unpaid Items:

When a buyer wins an item, the buyer is obligated to complete the purchase by sending full payment to the seller. If a buyer doesn’t pay within 2 days, we reserve the right to relist the item, or offer it to the next highest bidder.

Changing or retracting your bid

As a general rule, you can’t retract or cancel a bid. Once you place a bid, you agree to pay for the item if you’re the winning bidder. Please contact our webmaster about retractions.

Please note that with all our fundraisers and auctions, that the winning bidder is responsible for all shipping and handling charges associated with each product.