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Cathy Hogan

New Member of Manes and Tails, fell in love with horses at the age of 4, when a neighbor in high school took her on her dapple grey mare, Meg. At the age of 50, she was re-introduced to horses, and decided it was time to make the dream of having her own horse come true. Finding herself to be a forever “beginning rider”, it’s still wonderful to spend time with the horses, and beginning is much better than never starting. One of the best parts of owning a horse is waiting to see what they will teach you today. The lessons will go on forever if we listen. She looks forward to helping Manes and Tails wherever she can.

Ginger Pryor
Town Manager, Monticello

One of the founders of Manes and Tails, and present Secretary. Ginger is part of the Manes and Tails South at Aroostook Horse and Pony Associates, and also the town manager of Monticello. Ginger is envied by her ability to vault onto a horse, and multi task enough to include potato farming with her husband along with offering Equine Assisted Services. Ginger maintains PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemen, Inc) certification.

Myrna Bean
Supporter, Manes and Tails

A supporter of Manes and Tails from the start, Myrna is a long time owner/caretaker of many horses, living in Monticello, Maine. She is a welcome attendee at Manes and Tails meetings, sharing wisdom of horses and humans with the board and visitors. Myrna is always helping someone to learn more about horses and she enjoys helping out at Manes and Tails South at Aroostook Horse and Pony Associates.

Nancy Dumond Violette
Co-Owner / Facilitator, Perfect Ponies Learning Center

Passionate about horses helping humans since the early 90's, Nancy is Founder and President of Manes and Tails. Owner/facilitator of Manes and Tails North at Perfect Ponies Learning Center. Amazed at feedback and results, Nancy is on a constant quest to find more ways for humans to benefit from horses. With a Bachelor of Science in Special Education and training in EAP/L (Equine Assisted Philosophy and Learning), Nancy adds creativity to adjust equine sessions to individuals or families' diverse special needs, insisting that any improvements are 99.999% because of the nature of horse and God talking.

Nancy Pytlak

The name of our farm is "Watch Me Ride". We are a small backyard horse riding farm. We share our love of horses with beginner riders and special needs riders. Our goal is to get riders on horses and watch them learn to be successful and be proud of their achievements. We love to see them smile, laugh and have fun while they are physically and emotionally getting stronger. The rider will also learn what it feels like to make friends and feel accepted. Let a horse make a difference in your child's life. We are located in Presque Isle, Maine, 270 Chapman Road. You may call Nancy Pytlak at 764-5342, and we can talk about what your goals are. You may also just come and visit.

Sara Wotton

Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) Certified