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Manes and Tails is a nonprofit organization of volunteers, networking to improve and increase Equine Assisted Services in Aroostook County Maine. We help people to realize the incredible power of healthy relationships with one another through the patience and understanding of the horse.

Our Mission

Network to improve and increase Equine Assisted Services in Aroostook County Maine.

Type of Organization

Manes and Tails Aroostook is a Non-Profit corporation with 501(c) designation through the IRS, created to empower a cooperative network of riding stables facilitating equine assisted learning programs throughout Aroostook County, Maine.


In the spring of 2002, with a few very special humans and horses, Nancy Dumond Violette hatched the idea of Manes and Tales Aroostook. Bearing first hand witness to the growing need for affordable, alternative skill building therapies in Aroostook County, she wanted to help bring people and horses together through an Equine Assisted Learning program. Together with a motivated, dedicated group of founders and the guidance of several mentors in Aroostook she has made this service accessible and affordable to all wishing to learn and grow through the patience and understanding of the horse!


Manes and Tales Aroostook serves as a networking and referral source in Aroostook County, Maine. We offer assistance with funding applications, education and equipment as well as specialized program development and training for equine professionals.

Goals for the Future

Manes and Tails Aroostook strives to improve networking of community and economic development, support educational opportunities, refer participants for other therapeutic and learning services as well as create a consistent and reliable community service. We want to establish a strong partnership with community resources, assist with programs for satellite riding stables and develop standard operating and safety procedures for Manes and Tails affiliated stables.